Pain & Beauty

By gk gaius,

Published on Jun 6, 2024   —   1 min read

Photo by Darwin Vegher / Unsplash

I had no choice -

The Pain
That's what brought me here
And Love,
Was not the reason I stayed

I had no choice -

For sanity, I continued to write
Till I found beauty in it and
Chaos near it - so I yearned for

I had no choice -

But to look back at those
Who came before me
And I saw the beauty and chaos
in what they wrote

So now, on this page
I seek my peace

I have no choice -

But to protect my peace
and find those who won't
to be enemies -

I'll try to forgive them,
But I won't forget them.
I'll run from them
To protect this peace

For pain brought me here
Beauty with its chaos
Made me stay.

Thank you for reading this short poem my friend.
Till next time,
Deo Volente

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