About G.K Gaius & The Words Whispers

Hi, this is G.K Gaius, writer of the words whispers and the author of the Novellas Emelia & The Oyolys.

I began my journey as a writer at the age of 14 when my high school teacher challenged me to read 100,000 words. I read the words and through the words read, I was transformed. I fell in love with the words. I fell in love with the stories and I began to write myself. The first words I wrote became what you'll find in The Oyolys. I've tried many times to stop writing - why you might ask - because It was hard and painful and I was taught other ways in life. The words however never left me. They called for me and so when I decided to take it serious again, I founded the publication The Words Whispers.

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When the words whispers was born, I screamed for joy - now I can write and I've made sure not to run away from the words again.

What you'll find throughout this website is simple: Fiction, Essays & Poems. I have no niche (not a romance writer, not a horror writer), I write what is whispered to me. I sit down to write and see where life takes me in my notebook and I share that world with you all.

Few things to know about me:

- I am a Christian.
- I enjoy watching Korean Dramas. A lot of words are whispered to me through Dramas. I've never watched a bad drama.
- I wish to own a bookstore someday.
- I wish to own couple horses someday.
- I am a Husband & Father of 2.
- I love writing in new ways that I haven't.

Now, I understand that these things are not if I may say "up to the Hustler Code" but it is what it is. I have a lot of things I do that I share not with the world. The words on this website I hope you enjoy. Here are good stories I believe you should read:


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Thank you for reading this short bio about g.k gaius (me). I tried my best to share few things about myself here. I aim to share more as the days, months and years go by. If you haven't subscribe, scroll up and do so or scroll down to click the link.

Till Next Time,
Deo Volente


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