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Published on Jan 5, 2024   —   2 min read

p.s: I have an issue reading my own handwriting too. I also write from the right to the left in my notebooks lol. Have a blessed weekend! Oh, and subscribe to the words whispers!

This is a piece of fiction!

Windows, lindos, mindos, chidons,. All words I can just makeup. No one would understand but I would (will). I’d understand and then someone out there in the world would ask “um, what does that mean?” and I’d explain. Then they’d start saying it and years later, I’d end up in the dictionary like Stan did.

I like Stan a lot. Okay, that’s going on a tangent. Anyways, what’s all this about. what are windows for? why do we . put them in our houses?

Well, so we don’t feel imprisoned is my first thought. so we feel like we’re still alive because we can see the outside world this way! Well, yeah that’s why. That’s also why we love going camping.

Who’s we? we is me! But I feel better saying we so you don’t look through the window into my heart!

But then, how would you really understand? How would you understand the words I say? The words I mean to say?

Well, I’ll share those sometimes I guess.
Alright, back to windows!

They’re like elevators!
They’re like mirrors!
They’re eyes!
They allow (keyword allow) you to see what’s within and what’s out in the world. Well, let change that this: They allow you to keep what’s within the soul closed off to the world but still allow you to see what’s outside in the world so you don’t feel imprisoned.

Sheesh, we’re in prison aren’t we?
Take a walk outside, these houses. Someone looking out the window at me from the blue house to my right. They/them (wtf) he is staring at me from his prison! is he scared of me? If I got close, just to touch him, would he scream? Call the cops?

Oh oh oh, this is getting weird now! I’ve drank too much, I’ll stop babbling now!
Damn it, whiskey is bad for you kids, Adults!

No m ore whiskey! Crap , my mmind is moovingg to fast . stop love, yes stop , my mind , the mind mind crap , the window , I see a prison - the prison I become come so me home ahh

Well, that’s it, I hope you enjoy the weirdness as much as I did writing it. I laid down to write this piece and I had fun with it so I truly hope you had fun reading - I know it’s weird saying this after you’ve read the piece but yeah , and I promise I’m not drunk really! Though I feel like you my dear reader might think so!

Thanks for reading - this is a piece on the topic of windows as assigned by the best social club in the world! JOIN if you like writing, reading, enjoying life itself and more!

Till Next Time,
your dear friend
Deo Volente

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