Before I Go

By gk gaius,

Published on May 12, 2024   —   2 min read

Photo by Eliézer Fernandes / Unsplash

How must I carry on with life
When those that brought me in are out of sight
I look outside and see life will bring strife
How much more do I have to fight

To leave one’s son alone to the world
I know they meant this not
However my heart is left whirled
Into what is a knot

Can I make it in this world alone
With upmost confidence with myself, will I be alright
As long as my heart choses not to be blown
By the wind, I shall fight with my might

Leaving my footsteps for generations to come
Just like mother and father would have done

Thank you for reading this poem of mine, first published in the Soaring Twenties. Click the link above to read stories, essays, poems from the wonderful men and women in the social club.

Till Next Time,
Deo Volente

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