You gave me hope

By gk gaius,

Published on Jan 14, 2024   —   2 min read


Hi there my good friend, Happy Sunday to you and your loved ones. What you are about to read is a work of fiction that I hope you enjoy and at the end of it, smile. Before you do read, if you haven’t subscribed yet to the words whispers, here’s a great chance to do it.


Two brothers stand across from each other under the sun. No birds in the sky flying, no human walking or in their tin cars to disturb what is about to unfold. Just these two under the sun’s flares.

“Don’t come any closer Simon or I will jump off this bridge.” John said.

“Well, you plan on doing this regardless brother!’

As Simon walked towards John, John moved towards the the rails that guarded him from death.

“Okay, I’ll step back and you move away from that too.” Simon moved 5 steps back and so did his brother. “Why are you doing this?”

“Hope. That’s why Simon, they gave me hope and took her away from me.”

Simon laid on the ground, “Why did you accept their hope to begin with?”

John began to cry, “So we can have freedom to soar like the birds in the sky.”

The tears and the cry continued as Simon began to hit his palm on the ground!

“John!” he exclaimed, sat up “there are no more birds in the sky. Why have you done this to yourself?”

The sun flares can be seen above the brothers. There are indeed no birds in the sky.

“So we can enjoy life!” John sat on the ground as well.

“I wanted us to have what they have so we can enjoy life more.”

“More,” Simon scuffed.

They have been selling hope for generations now, lying in the name of freedom, wealth, to get their pockets filled and their latest victim, John gets closer to death.

“What did you give for their hope?”

The cry from John got louder!

“John!” Simon shouted. “What did you give for their hope to make you get closer to Sheol?”

John continued to weep, “Mother’s savings!”

“JOHN!!!” Simon got up. As he did, so did John and the words “Death calls me Simon for I can’t stand this life without hope,” was uttered. John wiped his tears, waved to his brother and jumped off the bridge.

Simon stood still, shocked, his legs began to shake.

“John!” He screamed, “John,” his heart began to beat fast.
He fell on his knees and held his chest, unable to breathe, “John” he started at the sun till his breath was gone.


Hours later, Two men stood above him “I told him hope was a dangerous drug before I sold it to him, now he killed himself and his brother because of it.” One of them said.

“Well, time to find new customers! Plenty to choose from after all.” The other smiled.

I thank you my friend, my dear reader for reading.
The schedule moving forward is a post every Sunday instead of Thursday and Sundays.

Have a great week.
Till Next Time,
Deo Volente

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