What Even Is This Poem?

By gk gaius,

Published on Nov 16, 2023   —   2 min read


What even is a story ?
What exactly is a poem?
Where can I find good stories?
Where are good poems?

I had an idea yesterday:
was the title but it was a story
about homicide at the dentist!

Is this a good story to write?

What even is a story?
What is a poem? peom*

Just read Bukowski's "trying to get even"
Am I just noticing that's what his poems so far are?
Is this a good peom? poem*

What even is a story?
What is a poem?
and a thought "should I give up" floods into my brain

“we'd had any number of joints and some beer and I was on the bed stretched out and she said, "look, I've had 3 abortions in a row, real fast, and I'm sick of abortions, I don't want you to stick that thing in me!" it was sticking up there and we were both looking at it. "ah, come on," I said, "my girlfriend fucked 2 different guys this week and I'm trying to get even." "don't get me involved in you domestic horseshit! now what I want you to do is to BEAT that thing OFF while I WATCH! I want to WATCH while you beat that thing OFF! I want to see it shoot JUICE!" "o.k. get your face closer." she got it closer and I spit on my palm and began working. it got bigger. just before I was ready I stopped, I held it at the bottom stretching it, the head throbbed purple and shiny. "oooh," she said. she ducked her mouth over it, sucked at it and pulled away. "finish it off," I said. "no!" I whacked away and then stopped again at the last moment and felt it at the bottom and waved it all around the bedroom. she eyed it fell upon it again sucked and pulled away. we alternated the process back and forth again and again. finally I just pulled her off the chair onto the bed rolled on top of her stuck it in worked it worked it and came. when she walked back out of the bathroom she said, "you son of a bitch, I love you, I've loved you for a long time. when I get back to Santa Barbara I'm going to write you. I'm living with this guy but I hate him, I don't even know what I'm doing with him." "o.k.," I said, "but you're up now. can get me a glass of water? I'm dry." she walked into the kitchen and I heard her remark that all my drinking glasses were dirty. I told her to use a coffee cup. I heard the water running and I thought, one more fuck I'll be even and I can be in love with my girlfriend again-- that is if she hasn't slipped in an extra and she probably has.” Charles Bukowski’s “trying to get even”

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