They're Dancing Again

By gk gaius,

Published on Jun 14, 2024   —   1 min read

They're dancing again,
Speaking of your glory
So, I look away, for I praise wanting gain.

It's like I'm in chains
away from your glory -
They're dancing again.

I am ashame, so I try to regain
a heart to praise without weary
So, I look up instead of away to learn how to praise without wanting gain.

I hid for my shame remains
Still they danced gracefully like a beautiful story -
Oh - They're dancing again.

I, my Lord haven't praised but complained
About what could be in life if I hurried
So, ashamed I am, for I praised wanting gain.

I praised, hoping to receive no pain
In life - But the trees, Oh My Lord tell a good story -

And oh, They're dancing again
Now, I look closer to see how I can praise without wanting gain.

Thank you my dear friend for reading this poem of mine. It started as a Villanelle but found its way to something else. 

The end of the week is near, and I hope you’ve enjoyed things thus far. I’m still on my new Habit of staying away from the online social world besides publishing Thursdays and Saturdays. So far, it’s been good. Email has been a good friend and writing Long Hand has been fun. The poem you’ve just read was written on a Napkin last Sunday while I watched the trees danced, and was edited on the Big O Mac Book :) 

I still love the Mac book and don’t plan on getting rid of it “yet”
Anyways, thanks for reading - I’ll be publishing my Saturday Ramblings on the website in a couple days. 

Till Next Time,
Deo Volente 

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