The Wind Song

By gk gaius,

Published on Apr 5, 2023   —   1 min read


It’s been a while now friends. I hope you are doing well, and enjoying the weather wherever you are! Today I bring to you a short flash fiction as I begin publishing my words once again. I hope you enjoy it.

“This world, with its beauty is just so much for me to understand! The music, the way the tree dance to the wind’s song. How the birds flap their wings trying to see which one of them will survive the oncoming car. The silver shell, the sun, friends, families, all of it - aren’t mine, and believe it or not, how much sadness in joy this brings me. It’s all just something that can be taken away from me without me having a say in it. Oh John, how beautiful and sad it is.”

He sighed.

He took a cig, lighted it despite the wind’s resistance, and gave the lighter to John who did the same.

“How beautiful the gift Isaac. To be able to do this with you - to be best mates for so long - and yes at the end, it’ll end but how beautiful everything is.”

They smoked and listened to the wind song. As each second passed, the song brought tears to their eyes, “How beautiful it is to experience this all.”

Quite Short wasn’t it? Thank you for reading! I appreciate you taking the time for the words today. If you have more minutes in your day for me, do check out more stories of mine here on The Words Whispers and EMELIA

Till Next Time
Deo Volente

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