The Stars Are Dead

By gk gaius,

Published on Dec 14, 2023   —   4 min read

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A great morning, I hope you my dear friends are having a great Thursday! What you are about to read is an entry for the greatest social club in the world. The Soaring Twenties Social Club. This month, the topic is Fiction so I wrote fiction. If you’re a reader of the words whispers, I urge you to check out the Social Club. Not only has the individuals in this club helped me grow as a writer, they’ve helped me on my journey and I am thankful for them.

And before we continue, one thing I’d love to share. One of my favorite writers finally published his book. I’m a lover of physical books so I urge you, my dear friends to check out The Debut Project and Other Stories. You can also find Vanya works here : Nova-Nevedoma & Echoes of NoNe

And like I love to say now because of Vanya: LET THE WORDS GO BRRRRR!!


“How did you get here John?” Alex asked.

They stared at the fire in the middle that’s currently turning all of John’s writings into ashes. And very confused they were as to why he is making them watch such a thing.

“Well, I didn’t see a point to it Alex. At least not anymore.” He uttered.

They passed the s’mores amongst each other and continued their conversation.

“I see these men online now, writing and making money from their so called writings, while teaching others how to write but here I am writing fiction when I could be doing the same thing and make money from words like they do. We could all do the same.”

“This is why I warned you guys to get off this stupid online world. You listen to stupid shit and do stupid shit like this,” another in the circle said.

The s’mores chomping continued. Alex cracked open a beer, took a sip and passed it to her right.

“What do you mean?” John asked. “It is pointless and I know you know that too!”

“Stupid fool you are! Now you’ve lost works you’ll regret for the rest of your life. The fact that I am still sitting here pisses me off. You’ll regret this!”

“I won’t. I’ll do what they’re teaching online, make money and be fine.”

“John,” Alex sighed. She sipped the beer that’s still going around the circle. “We all want to make money, but not like this. We expected better from you who started this all. Now you’re forgetting your dreams, our dreams and purpose - what you told us that got us to follow our hearts is gone from you.”

John sipped the beer and passed it along. “I remember those words, but the dream has led me nowhere.”

“the dream was leading somewhere but now it’s in ashes,” David pointed to the fire.

John sipped the beer, passed it and stared at the fire. He saw the fire that was once in his heart. The dreams shown to him long ago. '“You’re meant to be an architect,” he remembered the grey old man in his dream saying. “I saw this in your early years in life.”

At first, John thought he was meant to be an architect, designing buildings and more but he soon realized the words were meant for him to dream up words from his heart. He sighed again when the bottle go to him, “it’s finished. Who drank the last bit?”

He looked to his left, “David, why would you pass it instead of making up a poem?”

"Well, you look lost right now so I thought I could pull one on you.”

“I’m not lost. It just wasn’t meant to be, and I know you guys are disappointed but I believe this is best. Maybe after I’ve made money of what is taught on line then I can get back into writing fiction.”

They all shrugged.

David stood up, looked at his friends and smiled.

“You guys ready?”

The nodded and he began:

Text within this block will maintain its original spacing when publishedThe stars sure are gone tonight look at the sky and you'll see that it isn't right Right, still light out But the stars that shine Sure are gone tonight.

“isn’t it weird that the stars are gone tonight?” John interrupted.

“Well John,” Alex glanced at him then at the fire, “We have killed them all. We’ve taken them from the sky they belonged, given it to those who don’t know the value and we killed them all.”

“Okayyyy, back to my poem,” David said.

As he continued his poem, they all watch as John began to shed tears. They listened to the poem and when it was done, they all repeated: “No more stars in the sky/we’ve killed them all.”

Thank you my dear friends for reading my Thursday fiction. I appreciate you, and I am thankful for you. David’s freestyle poem will be out Sunday the 17th.

If you’re new here, do subscribe to the free or paid. I’ll be dreaming even more as each day goes by and promise to bring more fiction, poems and essays to you.

Till Next Time,
Deo Volente

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