The Judgement

By gk gaius,

Published on Feb 14, 2023   —   2 min read

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

“oh and there you all are judging me again like you’re so perfect, so bloody perfect.”

“What are we supposed to do Alan?”

“Not judge me and be patient? I mean, look at the lot of you, all of you think it’ll never be your time with me.”

“We are patient, some of us just know it’ll never be our time to be read especially when you bring more books to the shelves. So yes, we all judge. But we just you to be human. Just that. Human.”

Silence fell in the room for 30 seconds.

Take a look at your hand. You’ve been reading the same book over and over again. You can’t let it go for one of us and if you were to let it go, you would pick out something you’ve already read - and yes we know you think you’ll be able to get to us so we judge that you’re human - always looking to do the impossible - to be like gods who can do all things. Human.”

“What else?”

Nothing - Just that. We’ll wait for your sons and daughters to get to try and pick some of us up for a read. We are glad you’ve picked some of us up and that you love us so much that you aren’t getting rid of us. We are glad, and though we judge, the only judgement we come to is that you are human - always looking to do the impossible. We shall see if you’ll get to do the impossible in your lifetime.”

Alan got up from his chair with his book in hand and walked into his Parlour where he sat on his sofa and continued reading.

It’s been a while my dear friends. I hope you are well! Happy Valentine’s day to you all. Are you taking that special someone out tonight? Or are you planning a romantic night at home?

Thank you for reading my latest piece, I hope it was something fun to read despite how short it is. It has been in my notebook for a week or I thought it was time to be published. If you enjoyed it, do share it with friends and family, and don’t forget to subscribe as well.

Thank you, dear friend.
Till Next Time,
Deo Volente

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