The Heartbreak

By gk gaius,

Published on Jan 26, 2023   —   2 min read


What you’re about to read is written on the topic of Beginning for the STSC Symposium

There’s a story I remember pretty well of our Jeremiah, a short story that began when he said “I know this day would come. My brother told me this day would come.” He stood by the door and as soon as he heard the words “I’m sorry,” he opened the door and walked out towards the car. “I’m glad I left you in here brother,” he said, “Now drive off!” A few miles away from their previous destination, his brother pulled into a park, “I’m guessing she called you to break things up with you." He uttered.

Words couldn’t be said but Jeremiah’s heart spoke to him so he looked at his brother and asked “Are you okay?”

Jeremiah held his index finger up to his brother and sighed. He grabbed his phone, “I knew this day would come,” He thought, “The day it’ll end between us,” He sniffled, “I knew this day would come Jen” he said on the phone, “One way or another, this way or death, I knew the day would come so I called to say I did love you with all my heart, and I wish you the best…” before he could continue, his brother grabbed the phone and hung up. He embraced his brother as the tears fell down his cheeks.

“There’s something we forget as we live each day brother - something so special, something so beautiful. When I close my eyes, thinking about this special thing, I do tend to shed tears like you are now. That something is heartache.” He grabbed his brother and stared into his eyes, “I won’t tell you to stop crying brother because the heartache is what makes life beautiful. We saw it with our parents at the hospital. The heartbreak will come, and something beautiful will end as it did with them - Nothing is sad till it’s over but guess what brother? Something beautiful begins.” He moved his brother’s head and showed him the tennis court in front of them. To their right, he showed the football field, “Look at this brother, I know the heart will ache for it is the heart but remember that everything will end. Just like we started something new with Mum and Dad passing, you shall start something new. A fresh beginning.

That day dear reader, Jeremiah learned a bit about life itself. That day changed things for him. The two brothers took a deep breath in the car and for an hour watched the tennis ball move from one end of the court to the other. At some point, the ball stopped moving, and so they stopped watching. Something new began.

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Deo Volente

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