The Demons

By gk gaius,

Published on Jan 18, 2023   —   2 min read

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In The Mind Of Mine

“The demons! Yes,” The young man uttered. He rolled his eyes and got up from his seat. The room filled with many books contained just him and a lady who sat quietly with her legs crossed. He walked closer to the window on his right and shut the blinds, “Those demons continue to rage in my mind. I get past it all by listening to gospel music…” he looked back at her “are you listening? are you?” he asked. “But I tell you, It works from time to time by how the words move me yet they rage in me still. And I know you’re not listening, are you? I ask myself, “listen, please.” Before the lady could talk he continued. “I ask myself - how I got here? How? The world, its evil, my own blood, noises, that’s how - that’s how it brings me headache leading me to thoughts, not of my own. You think I’m lying - you think I’m joking? You think things are just in my head but not that much to affect my mind - FUCK I can’t even think to talk well. The world, that’s where the problem lies - that’s where it lies. That’s where it fucking lies. The world - so stop LAUGHING at me. STOP IT PLEASE. Stop laughing at me I beg of you!”

The lady in front of him as he got in front of her still sitting still on the couch listened. She made sure he was done - “Phillip,” She said, “The world - will have demons. I might say that it’s run by demons and I’m not laughing at you. I’m listening to you, Phillip.”

Phillip closed his eyes as she spoke, “Help me,” He thought. “It hurts, it all hurts and they’re hurting me. They’re hurting me.”

“Phillip,” he heard opening his eyes, “It’s okay! Tell me when this all started.”

These Demons began in my head a week ago, something that might end up being a series so I thank you my dear friend for taking the time to read the above! How’s the new year treating you?

If you’re new to the substack, thank you for joining me as I continue to share my words with the world. Thank you!

Till Next Time,
Deo Volente

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