My Escape Artist

By gk gaius,

Published on Nov 9, 2023   —   1 min read


I see the arms swinging,
I know it's time for bed.
So, I as always, grab her and
begin to swaddle.

It's time to sleep.

NO! I can tell she wants
nothing to do with this.

Well love, you must get
swaddled so you get comfortable,
so you can sleep without crying.

Her left arm minutes in
escapes. like always.

She begins to whine -
I want my right arm free as well.
In fact, free me from this comfort and
discomfort way.

Her legs manages to escape as well.
She whines, she cries, she smiles.

I see discomfort. She needs sleep.
She smiles - I can sleep later.

I sigh - okay, sleep later.
Once again, she escapes sleep.

- I love you my escape artist.
She talks baby- I love you too dad.

As always, I thank you my dear reader for reading.

Till Next Time
Deo Volente

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