My Dearest Father

By gk gaius,

Published on Jul 27, 2023   —   1 min read



By Yi Bang Won

If there's one thing my college professor hates about my poetry, it's that it doesn't reveal everything. It hides details that could be important for interpretations. However, I love the way I write my poems. Interpretations I don't care much about - I write what speaks to me, and publish what speaks to me, though I do understand that it would be quite annoying for the reader to try to understand what exactly is happening. What exactly am I eluding to...I get that, so a quick detail to note : This particular poem is from the point of view of Taejong of Joseon. The 3rd king of Joseon (Current Korea) right after his father became king. I'm hoping this isn't too much detail but do let me know your thoughts my friend. Thank you for reading dear friend. Till Next Time Deo Volente gkgaius P.S - GET MY DEBUT NOVELLA EMELIA ON AMAZON

What was love
Transformed into hatred
From you.

I killed for you
So you could have the world
But you deserted me soon as
You gained it all.

I killed your dreams for me
A dream that would have been killed
If I hadn't drenched my hands
in Blood.

So now I take a path
Filled with hatred for you -
You who deserted his son
You who left me with pain
In my heart.

You deserted me who
took you to the throne.

How did I get here?
When the throne which
You coveted I gave you.

How did I get here
To a place where I dream
of the evil I could do?
To a place where dreams of more bloodshed
cloud my eyes?

You deserted me
Dearest father
And left me to figure out life
For myself.

You hunted me
Father - when you
Could have guided me.

You left me
Clinging to pleasures
Of the World to
Heal the pain caused by

And now, with blood flowing
On your throne, you say
You did your best.

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