Isolation Has Done This To Me

By gk gaius,

Published on Aug 5, 2023   —   2 min read


What you’re about to read is written on the topic of Isolation for the STSC Symposium.

Isolation has kept me safe. From the claws of the world.
I chose it after seeing the atrocities done by us all.
Isolation kept me safe, it was good to me.
Here’s are few things I have to say about it:

It came like my best friend fear
To save me from pain and the
darkness that swept my heart.

The pain of seeing abuse,
Physically & Pyschologically
subdued me and swept me
towards Sheol.

It saved me. And
Taught me this:

Better to be alone than to be with people.
I ran, by choice, to a place where no one was

It truly was amazing what Isolation did for me. I learned a few things - like drawing and writing, and I learned to love reading. I also fell in love with chess and the Korean cultures amongst many other cultures. From isolation came forth some many beautiful things I cherish today.

However, pain still visited me while in Isolation. Here are a few things I have to say about it:

Despite being safe
darkness kept dragging me towards it.
I spoke less to people
learned to trust no one
After all being alone is better
than being with Humans that hurt you.

I thought everyone was evil, that everyone was against me. Isolation had kept me safe yet pain came anyways. The pain I ran away from. It taught me simple things, like "Life requires suffering." It asked me questions like "Why choose to be alone all the time? Why not allow everything in the world to teach you something?" So I began to spend less time with Isolation, and though pain continued - I was fine with it.

In Isolation, I was safe. In the open, I learned what it is to be human. To be filled with sorrows yet still have joy to dance with the world.

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