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Published on Oct 2, 2023   —   1 min read




It’s a beautiful Monday. I walked outside this morning at 5am and how beautiful everything is. The air felt great and it made my soul feel good. Woke my wife up right away so she didn’t miss the nice fresh air.

Today, I have a poem written for the STSC monthly Symposium on the topic of propaganda. I hope you enjoy it! Have a blessed Monday.


That's where the road ends,
I was told!
The land in which I dread
So do whatever you want -
Seek lust, pride, and all sins.
No one cares anyways.

Forgotten, after
All I've done in the world -
How much it pains me yet
How much it makes me chase the world

After all,

The road leads me
To the forgotten land
Back to the dust - into thin air where
My memories will go.
No one will remember me
Who cares then?

I'll be

Forgotten. That's
What I'll be to those I love.


It broke my soul
Led me to darkness
Yet a light shined

With God, that's where I'll take you
Back to dust into the arms of
Your creator
Where you'll find peace

Forgotten - Never
Loved by the MOST HIGH
Cherished by the MOST HIGH
Memories preserved by your loved ones

Forgotten - the land the road takes us
can only be found
in the minds of those who want you

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