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I hope you’re ready for a wonderful year. One thing I learnt yesterday from my church service is this: Expect God to do wonderful things in your life ONWARD!

Expect it friends, and enjoy it all!
With that said, what you are about to read is FATE. Reintroducing it the first of this month and new entries will be published at the first of each month. Before you read, If you love reading my words, and you haven’t subscribed, this is your chance to do so! Subscribe and spend 12 months with me.



“I don’t know why I’m nervous.” He said.

She opened her mouth as blood flowed to her cheeks, “Why?” She said smiling, “Why are you nervous?” She watched his smile, and he moved in the opposite direction to hide this smile.

Dear reader, welcome to the lives of two souls that met for the first time at the bookstore. These souls have always seen each other at the back of their respective novels, but not once did they contact each other to talk about their novels. They could have easily found each other on social media and said “I really enjoyed this story of yours…and I might be falling in love with you but they didn’t.”

Here in the bookstore, they stared at each other in between the bookshelves and looked around to see people staring at them, smiling and laughing.

“Nice to meet you,” She said, thinking “Why am I really nervous right now?”

He held out his hands, “Lovely to meet you, Amelia,” He said.

The moment their hands touched, they began to smile, “Wow, I can’t believe this,” They both thought.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” he said and watched as she continued to smile.

“I cannot believe he knows my name,” She showed her teeth, then covered her face out of shyness.

“Same here,” She said. They got closer to each other and sat on the floor, their backs resting on the bookshelf. They then began to talk to each other. This lasted for a few hours, and finally, “I’m really glad I met you today Lee Won,” She said, “We should meet again soon.”

She looked into his eyes and her gaze met his lips, “Say yes,” She thought.

“How about next Monday?” She heard and stepped closer to him and gave him a hug. She handed him her card and walked away from him, her cheeks widening as she ran out of the bookstore.

“See you soon,” She jumped.

Lee Won stayed back staring at the card in his hands, “This is real,” He thought. There was no way this was real unless, “Wow, I cannot believe they actually set us up today haha.” He ran out in the direction she went. As he opened the door, he frowned. He saw people crowding a figure so out of curiosity, he walked close to them scanning the environment to see which way she had run off. As he got closer, he noticed the white shirt, black skirt, and heel Amelia had on and then noticed the blood on the floor flowing towards his direction. He slowly falls backwards, “Amelia,” He said and hits his head on the cement, his skull cracked and the blood flowed towards Amelia’s blood. Their blood mixed and there they lay and were proclaimed dead.

Dear reader, that day I saw something that I called fate. I looked out from the window of the bookstore and saw their blood mixing in death, something that should have happened when they were alive. May their souls rest in peace.

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She was about 5ft tall, blonde, but I couldn’t see her face for a while. She was wearing leggings, tight leggings, so I know this might be lust to you. I know that, but she was just WOW! Just wow. When you have no words to describe her, that’s when you know right?

I wanted to talk to her. Really wanted to. So, I did what any normal man would do. I stalked all around the WW bookstore, well not completly, that would be creepy I’m sure. I followed by looking at books as well. I multitasked - went there for books afterall. Her body enticed me. I stared at her body while stalking and book shopping, just wow. Again, that’s when you know right? But was still unable to see her face. Obviously her body did draw me near so I wanted to see her face. I stopped at the Classic section. She was right behind me looking at books adjacent to me. Say something I thought. Say something and see her face.

I stood still, said nothing. Found a book lying in the wrong section.

– What’s Steve Jobs doing in the classics? I said.

I turned around and she must have heard me because she stared at me for a few seconds. I saw her face clear and I’m sure I heard the angels rejoice for the beauty that is in front of me. I said, Nothing. My mind said WOW, my mouth said Nothing.

She said nothing, turned around and walked away. I should have said something. God gave me a chance and I lost it. Are you still listening?

- Yes mate, all we do is listen to your almost love story. Continue.

Again, I stared. Was this lust? I wanted her. Coming my way, a smile from a lady made me lose focus.

- Another love story?

No, all she did was ask if I needed anything. I handed the book in the wrong section to her. She said thank you and smiled. I sighed and thought again of the beautiful angel.

Beautiful. So beautiful. I continued my stalking for a while, at one point, stood still and stared at her. Her body, her beauty. Tempting, so tempting. I walked up to the coffee shop, ordered a cup of coffee. While I waited for my coffee, I rested my back on the counter and watched her move about the store.

I recalled a voice in my head that said a man that doesn’t go into the world to get what he wants and only imagines is weak.

- Isaac, those are my words.

Oh is it? Well, I reached for my coffee after hearing it’s ready. I turned back and she was out the door. Here’s where it gets fucked for me:

I hoped I would meet her outside, away from everyone so I followed. She walked out the first door but stood still on her phone. I walked out the first door flabbergasted at the fact that I would look like a creep waiting for her outside. Was that a chance from God? Was she waiting for me to say hi and I missed it again? Fuck! I walked out of the building and right to my car. She walked out seconds later and well here I am telling you another story of how I almost found love.

- Or how you almost fell in lust.

Well Jacob, I lost another golden chance from God. Maybe I’ll see her someday.

- In this city, probably not. Just stop looking at butts and maybe you’ll get somewhere in life with love.

Sounds good my friend. Sounds good. Something interesting I saw besides that girl today however Jacob is the fact that Lee Won & Amelia died right after all of this happened. And now I am unsure about reporting what I saw to the police.

- What did you see?

How Amelia died.

Till next time,
Deo Volente…

oh wait one sec, if you haven’t gotten your copy of Emelia, here’s your chance to!

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