Chaos In The Mind Of Mine

By gk gaius,

Published on Nov 16, 2022   —   1 min read


We meet once again dear friends, and like always, I thank you for your support of my work. With IN TOO DEEP on pause at the moment, I present poems with some signs of chaos. Thank you once again for being here with me, your support is something I'll never forget! Enjoy!


Listen -

What of tomorrow
I scream. But,
Today’s pleasure binds me up.

I scream for the pain to ease, that is,
The pain I brought on myself

Sitting still, doing as I please
Please ease my pain

I scream so that I can be free
But today’s pleasures disagree

so I sigh-
I will continue to seek to be free.

Tomorrow Disagrees.


God shines bright in my heart.
He gave me the stars to
Watch over me at night.
The sun to brighten my day

I smile because of it.

He gave me
The people I cherish
deep on my Heart
I can see now the path I must take
For their sake.

Will Tomorrow Disagree?

Thank you for reading! I appreciate you always. Before we meet again, I want to share with you the great news that my debut novella EMELIA can be found on amazon at the moment. Get a copy for yourself today and share with me what you enjoy about it!

Till Next Time
Doe Volente
gk gaius

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